Vote for Duncan for Governor

Election Statement

I have worked for the Trust as a consultant adult psychiatrist for over 10 years, initially in Norwich City and now in Northern locality. I was previously a consultant psychiatrist in Sheffield. I have always taken a patient-centred and interdisciplinary approach to my work and have an honorary academic post at the University where I teach undergraduates.

The Foundation Trust needs to maintain and develop the skills and strengths of its staff to provide high quality services. It needs to counter recent trends that have led to services becoming fragmented and over-defensive. Clinical governance must be implemented in a facilitative and non-oppressive way. There should be an emphasis on individual training in the interests of the organisation as a whole to make services more therapeutic and supportive. All localities and specialities must be represented.

If elected governor I will seek the implementation of these principles. As the market for health services diversifies, the Foundation Trust provides an opportunity for mental health services to be delivered on this basis to the people of Norfolk and Waveney.

[My election statement was cut short by three words in error by Electoral Reform Services]

I welcome any comments and debate about the election for staff governor of Norfolk & Waveney Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust

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